The new album, just released!

Father's Son!

(first solo Pierce Pettis album

in 10 years!)


Meet David Webb!

Joining me on selected dates in the coming year will be my old friend, keyboardist David Webb.  A Boston native, Dave is a graduate of the famed Berklee College of Music.  Relocating to Florida, he worked with the late Allman Brothers drummer, Butch Trucks as house band leader at his Pegasus Studios.  Butch described David as “one of the very finest keyboardists and arrangers I’ve worked with.  His creativity, attention to detail, and passion are inspiring”.  While at Pegasus, David scored a number of projects for documentaries, film & dance as well as doing session work.


David and I met during this time, when I was an artist on Windham Hill / High Street.  We toured the country in support of my three releases on that label.  He also lended his talents to my first album for Compass Records Group, “Making Light of It” and we toured in support of that, as well.  Driving my old beat-up van, we played pretty much every state in the Union, carrying a full sound system, David’s keyboards, my gear, etc.


David will kill me for telling you this, but I actually taught him to drive.  Being a city boy, he just never saw the need in learning.  But on those long drives, I needed a break.  So I’d let David take the wheel and doze off, only to come suddenly awake at the sound of car wheels on gravel —as he kept running off the road!  “I got this!  Go back to sleep!”  Yeah, right : )


Afterwards, David worked with Capitol recording artists Mason Dixon, which eventually led him to Austin, TX.  He has since become a well-known and well-respected fixture in its vibrant and diverse music scene.  Racking up over 200 album credits, he’s worked with Jazz, Blues, Country and Americana artists ranging from Jerry Jeff Walker to Rosie Flores.  Perhaps best-known as keyboardist for the Jimmy LaFave Band, David toured extensively with Jimmy and contributed to several of his critically-acclaimed albums.  David also recorded an album of his original jazz compositions for regional label, Last Chance Records.


Recently David & I reunited to play some dates in Florida.  Not having worked together in so many years, we were both pleased and excited at how great we sounded —especially on the new material from my upcoming release, “Father’s Son”.  So we’ve decided to work together in support of my new album and are currently planning concert and festival dates throughout the US.


Several video clips were made from our performance at Heartwood Soundstage in Gainesville, Florida and can be viewed at my YouTube Channel, here.  As a point of interest, the night we recorded these clips I was coming down with laryngitis —which I later discovered was attributable to walking pneumonia.  In other words, this is the worst David and I will ever sound together!


For booking information, please contact me at <piercepettis@icloud.com> or David Webb at <davidwebbmusic@sbcglobal.net>




David with the Jimmy LaFave Band

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