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Father's Son!

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in 10 years!)


How to host a Pierce Pettis house concert!

It has often been said that live music is just too important to be left in the hands of professionals : )   With that in mind, a growing number of folks have decided to produce concerts in their own living rooms, back yards, community centers, man caves, garages, etc.  And over the past decade or so, the house concert movement has exploded across the country (and the globe) -- not only providing a much needed extra source of income for traveling singer-songwriters such as myself, but is literally keeping a unique music genre alive.  From the days of Robert Johnson, Jimmy Rogers, and Woody Guthrie to today's troubadours the American song forms of Blues, Folk, Country & Western, Ballads, Bluegrass, etc. are often best expressed by just  a songwriter and his or her instrument.  House concerts provide a comfortable and intimate setting where an audience can get up close and personal with a singer-songwriter in a way that simply isn't possible in a club or concert hall.​

So, how does one go about hosting a Pierce Pettis house concert?

I'm glad you asked that question!  And I can best answer with some questions of my own, as well as a few helpful suggestions.  But first, let me assure you that hosting a concert in your home need not cost you a dime (or close to it) or expose you to unnecessary risks.  You can do this on a shoestring and are always in control of the house rules and who you would like to attend.

So here's some basic questions to think about:

  • First of all, will this be a private concert (only people you invite) or open to the public?  And if open to the public, is it ok for me to promote the event on my website, newsletter, social media, etc.?


  • If open to the public, do you want your address to be publicized or should the public contact you to RSVP and get directions?


  • If open to the public, is there a contact phone #, email address, Facebook page, website, etc. you would prefer the public to use to make reservations, get directions, etc.?


  • Do you plan to ask people for a “suggested donation” (if so, I would suggest $15-$20 … no less than $15) or is the show free for attendees (in which case a flat fee is required)?


  • What time would you like the audience to arrive?


  • What time would you like the concert to start?


  • If public, do you plan to provide food/drink?  Or should attendees be encouraged to provide snacks & BYOB?


  • Is two 45 minute sets with a break in the middle (my typical show), ok with you?


  • Would it be alright for me to sell CD’s at the concert?



Now for some helpful suggestions:

  • If the show is open to the public, you may want to create a one-time email address (i.e. “”, “”, etc.) to protect your privacy, keep concert reservations separate from your regular mail and your inbox from being jammed.


  • Some house concert hosts find using a reservation platform like “Evite” etc. is helpful.


  • Also regarding public, “suggested donation” shows, experience has taught me that anywhere from 8-10% of guests who swear they’re coming, turn out to be no-shows.  For that reason, you may want to ask attendees to RSVP/make reservations & pay in advance —through PayPal or some other means.  


  • I would strongly suggest you provide some kind of small sound system.  It doesn’t have to be anything complicated.  Something as simple as a two-channel guitar amplifier with one input for a mic (XLR) and one for guitar (1/4”) would be fine.  Just make sure the amp has both kinds of inputs *(see below).  I can usually bring a vocal mic and mic stand, if needed.


                                                               mic input                                                             guitar input                                                      


                                            (also small PA’s can be often be rented from music stores for a nominal fee)

  • Depending on the concert space and the size of the crowd expected, you may want to rent or borrow extra seating from a local house of worship or civic club.


  • Also depending on the number of attendees expected, you should consider the logistics of parking (might want to give a heads up to neighbors, etc. that there will be extra cars on the street).


For booking information, please contact me at <> or The Granata Agency  at <>


Pierce Pettis performing at a house concert
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