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Artwork From Albums

Artists Covering Pierce Pettis Songs

Terry Cannon (Great Big World, That Kind of Love)

Howard Finster (State of Grace)

Howard on Johnny Carson, 1984

Air Support (Partial Radio List)


Carolyn Arends, Pollyanna's Attic ("I've Got a Hope" --co-write w/Eric Fidor)

Claire Lynch New Day ("Love Will Find You Again" --co-write w/Lindy Robbins)

Hometown News Hometown News ("Long Way Back Home" --co-write w/Gordon Kennedy)

Andrew Peterson The Far Country ("More" --co-write w/Andrew)

Velma Frye I Am to Someone ("Grandmother's Song", Moments)

Jenny Yates Out of the Blue ("Plain Old Truth" --co-write w/Jenny)

Jill Phillips Writing on the Wall ("God Believes in You")

Geoff Moore A Beautiful Sound ("God Believes in You")

David Wilcox Into the Mystery ("If It Wasn't For the Night," "City of Dreams" --co-writes w/David Wilcox)

Art Garfunkel, Buddy Monlock, and Maia Sharp Everything Waits to Be Noticed ("Perfect Moment" --co-write w/Art and Buddy)

Tom Kimmel Shallow Water ("You Did That For Me" --co-write w/Jonell Mosser)

Sara Groves All Right Here ("You Did That For Me" --co-write w/Jonell Mosser)

Tom Prasada-Rao Out of the Blue ("I Begin to See Your Face" --co-write w/Tom Prasada-Rao)

Del Suggs Wooden Boat (Streetwise), Floating on the Surface (Billy --co-write w/Del Suggs)

Paul Reisler and A Thousand Questions At Night the Roses Tango ("Somewhere in the Song" --co-write w/Paul)


Front Porch String Band (w/Claire Lynch) Lines & Traces ("Natchez Trace")

Claire Lynch Dear Sister ("That Kind of Love")

Claire Lynch Lovelight ("Missionary Ridge" --co-write w/Fred Koller)

Bill Agle Road to Damascus ("Love's Gonna Carry Me Home" --co-write w/Sally Barris)

Dion Velvet & Steel ("You Need a Love" --re-write w/Dion DiMucci)

2010 - present

2010 - present

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